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The story of Adbuddy
Hello, my name is Jotangiya Kishan. I’m a 26-year-old independent graphic designer specializing in brand identity services. For over 6 years I’ve helped hundreds of clients establish a stronger brand presence through better design and visual messaging.

My clients range from small startups and entrepreneurs to industry-leading companies and organizations. After completing my high school I have started learning Graphic Design within a year I have started a part-time job company called "Spacehash" there I have learned a lot about Graphic Design and Web Development, after completing my Graduation in Bachelor of Computers I have started my company ADbuddy, though I continue to work remotely with clients from around the world. With the conveniences of modern technology, distance is no factor.


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Why I'm Best for Your Project

  • Over 6 years in business, having worked with clients from various industries.
  • Affordably priced when compared to larger agencies with greater overhead costs.
  • You will be communicating with me directly rather than an intermediary.
  • Unlike multiple designer agencies, you know which designer you’re hiring with me.
  • A straight forward approach to projects, easy to understand proposals and contracts.
  • No confusing royalties. You receive 100% ownership and profit rights to your files.
  • A thorough approach is taken with projects to avoid generic and ineffective design.
  • Dozens of testimonials and positive reviews show my dedication to clients.
  • Specializing in brand identity design allows me to hone my abilities and services.